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I'm from Texas originally but moved at college age and lived in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico before moving to the United Arab Emirates and finally back to Texas. My career has been in higher education, working at the University of New Mexico until I retired. I then moved to Dubai where I worked at Zayed University for six years before moving back to Texas.

New Mexico is a fabulous state that sinks its hooks into you -- I never planned to stay there. It truly is a land of enchantment.

Dubai was so very different, all lights and glamour and glitz. Dubai is a crossroads for airlines as they go from and to. I used that advantage (and much lower airfares) to travel, but plan to continue traveling and capturing images to share.

You will find most of my posts are from my trips in Asia , the Middle East and Texas (of course).

Of course, all my photos hold my copyright, just so you know.
My email is peggyb613@gmail.com if you want to contact me.

Popular Photos

  • Z is for Zebras playing I've really enjoy the alphabet challenge. Thanks for the comments on the mockingbird yesterday. I took this shot a couple of years ago at Serian Camp, which is just outside the north boundary of the Mara.

  • A little sun We had some sun yesterday and I got this shot as it was going down. The weather is just not conductive to photography.

  • V is for Vulture The length can run up to 39 inches; they have pecking order. This particular one is attempting to dominate the others so he can have his choice of the kill. Taken in Kenya on safari. Many thanks for the comments on the cardinals yesterday.

  • Butterfly who's had a hard life

  • e Found this on a bird night light my niece gave me. Many thanks for all the comments on the truck and wheel yesterday. Looking forward to seeing all the E's.

  • "O" is for Old hands. The hands belong to a woman in town who is 101 years old. She drives, she lives at home, she plays dominos every Wednesday, she walks a mile every day, she participates in community activities and every Tuesday morning she bakes 6 dozen cookies for the "old folk" in the nursing homes. She is a very special woman.

  • A foggy day Taken on my trip to Maine.

  • Y stands for Yellow-throated Longclaw The Longclaw is a large pipet with bright yellow chest and a black chest band. Named for its extremely long claws and a hind toe that can reach 2 inches. Taken at 300mm zoom and then cropped.

  • Tanzania

    Quintessential East Africa Taken in Tanzania during the dry season, this shot represents all that I expected.

  • The Buddha Third Eye in Thailand Located in Northern Thailand, The Budda was constructed in the Burmese Style. The Third Eye is a symbolic "eye" (in the center of the forehead) on Buddha figures, used to indicate the Buddha's all-seeing wisdom and perception.

  • M is for Marrakech Morocco.This is the Djemaa el Fna, This plaza was the site of public executions, giving the name which means "assembly of the dead." There are water-sellers, henna artists, street entertainers during the day but at night it is spectacular. We sat at the Cafe de France and I propped my camera on the railing to get this shot.

  • What in the heck is this thing? Staying at Serian Camp where you get a private car for viewing like the one in the pic, I watched this large pride for 2-3 hours until it got too dark for pictures. I'll show more of this pride beginning Sunday for "L" --"Lion" big and small. Serian Camp is just west of the Mara.

  • A Found this while trying to shoot the birds. It is a decoration on a flower pot (very large) that I brought from Dubai.

  • I've seen better days Taken a couple of days ago at our lake community.

  • Small letter b Thanks to Rick for suggesting I look for the small letter, but still hard to find this shape. I will post a couple of alternates, not shapes this week. Happy Sunday to everyone.

  • Umbrella Spokes U is for Umbrella since I'm going to be gone for a week and won't be posting on U day. Will miss seeing what everyone does; the creativity and photos are just amazing. Until next Wednesday...